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Accelerated Classes

For the most accurate availability, please login to the Parent Portal.

Accelerated Classes


Class time : 2 hours


The Accelerated classes are by invitation only.  Students are hand selected from classes to participate in this class.


The instructors will skill test students twice a year.  When a student fulfills the requirements of age / skill, they will be invited in.























Registration - $50 single student~ $65 Family

$248 for Session 1 (8 weeks)

$248 for Session 2 (8 weeks for T,W,F) $217 for Session 2 (7 weeks for M,Th,S)

$248 for Session 3 (8 weeks)

$248 for Session 4 (8 weeks)

$248 for Session 5 (8 weeks for T-S) $217 for Session 5 (7 weeks for M)


Once enrolled for your first session, you are automatically enrolled through June.


Class attire: loose fitting, no jeans / socks/ tights/ jewelry



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