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Meet the Staff


Mike Onuska


USAG Boys Head Coach

Recreational Coach

Graduate of James Madison University

1995 Undergraduate Asst Coach of JMU

Men's Gymnastics Team

1995 Certified Personal Trainer

1996/Present Certified Men's Gymnastics Judge

2006/Present Awards Chairman NJ Men's


2002-Present NCAA Men's Gymnastics Regional Championship Qualifier

James Madison University Men's Gymnastics Team Captain 1993 and 1994

JMU Men's Gymnastics Varsity Team Member


USAG Safety and First Aid and CPR Certified


Chris Onuska

Co-Owner & Operations Manager

JOGA Coach

Recreational Coach

University of Michigan 1992 – 1997

Varsity team member 1992 – 1996


USAG Safety, First Aid and CPR Certified



Rebecca Onuska

Team Director / Office

JOGA President 2004 – 2008, 2018-2021

JOGA Board Member 2021-present

USAG Safety, First Aid & CPR Certified


Tim Marotti

JOGA Coach 

Recreational Coach     


USAG Safety certified 

Joined Sunburst in 2015




Iva Krmelova

USAG Head Coach

Recreational Coach

Pre-School Director

Iva became a member of the Czechoslovakian Junior National Team at age 12.  In 1983, Iva was the Junior National All-Around Champion.  She became the Czechoslovakian National Champion in 1986.  Iva competed at the 1987 World Championships held in Rotterdam, Holland and in 1988, the Olympic Games which were held in Seoul, Korea where her team. (Czech Republic) took 7th. During her competitive years, Iva was always coaching younger girls.  In 1988, Iva went on to study at the Sports Institute of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic where she later graduated in 1993.  She also became a gymnastics Judge with a No. 2 Judges Rating.  After a few years of coaching in her hometown, Iva moved to the United States and began coaching in Florida.  

USAG Safety, First Aid  & CPR Certified

Joined Sunburst August 1998.

Paul Lakomy
USAG Head Coach

Recreational Coach 

Paul became a member of the Czech Junior National Team in 1990.  He has four Junior National Championship titles and was a member of the Czech National Team in 1993.  Paul competed at the Junior European Championships held in Geneva, Switzerland in 1992 and in 1993 at the European Championships held in Prague, Czech Republic.  In 1996 he competed again in the European Championships which were held in Jyavesjyka, Finland.   Paul also competed at two World Championships, the first in 1994 held in Dortmund, Germany and the second in 1995 held in Sabae, Japan. Paul started coaching gymnastics in 1992.  Even while training for his world class competitions, he always found time to help the younger gymnasts. He studied at the Sports Institute of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He also holds a No. 2 Judges Rating.


USAG Safety, First Aid and CPR Certified

Joined Sunburst August 1998.

Jan Pappas

Joga Team Coach 

USAG Safety certified 

Joined Sunburst in 2012





Zenora Faulknor

Jr. Instructor


Devin Mitchell

Jr. Instructor


Taylor Clement

Jr. Instructor


Alexis Letsche

Jr. Instructor


Corrine Kosienski

Jr. Instructor

Missing Photos:

Mia DeBellis
Grace Barry
Stella Ryan
Lauren Coppola
Julianna Coppola - Reynolds
Asia Brooks
Gwen Sabato
Samantha Manee



Amanda Errico 

Cheer Coach 

Joined Sunburst 2016 


Mikey Vining

Cheer Tumbling Coach

Joined Sunburst 2019

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